Journey to the origin of Buddhism

Journey to the origin of Buddhism

Directed by Britta Jeromin



This documentary is about a group of German speaking travelers on a pilgrimage to the most important places of the Buddha in Nepal and North India. It is an introduction into Buddhist philosophy, which introduces the three different levels of teachings Buddha was offering to the world. As humans are very different in their ability of understanding abstract teachings, the Buddha turned the wheel of Dharma three times and offered different ways of learning. Since this travel group practices Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Buddha’s teaching cycles are explained from the highest Buddhist viewpoint, which is rather rare. These journey is a firework of impressions of Asian art and beauty and Asian philosophy, which nowadays is attracting wisdom seekers from East and West equally.

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6 responses to “Journey to the origin of Buddhism”

  1. Wolfgang Loepke Avatar
    Wolfgang Loepke

    Highly recommended. Highly interesting!

  2. Diana Volynskaya Avatar
    Diana Volynskaya

    Origin of Buddhism

  3. Gabriele Avatar

    WOW, what a fantastic trailer. I really want to watch this movie!!

  4. Sandro Primus Avatar
    Sandro Primus

    Very inspiring and excellent made.

    With my best wishes!

  5. Arno Stadelberger Avatar
    Arno Stadelberger


  6. Claudia Antesberger Avatar
    Claudia Antesberger


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